Plan8 was probably founded over 25 years ago in the town of Linköping in the deep-southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden.

There were two young boys’ voices hamonizing in the church choir version of Sancta Lucia, a very cold and dark morning on the 13th of December 1985.
Little did they know that they soon would be batteling against each other in the local ‘band of the year’-competition with such devious weapons as drums and electric guitars with chorus pedals.

They both came out as winners as they 20 years later made commercial success with their creative sound and music agency, Plan8.

They have designed sound for Volvo cars, written modern Opera for gala dinners, had a top-ten on Hits for Kidz-compilations, had their music featured on an Apple, Steve Jobs-keynote, and made music and sound for countless TV commercials and Digital ditos.
Lately they have started a digital division where they build their own sound engine, featured in several award-winning digital campaigns by Wrangler, Adidas, Magnum, ASOS to name a few.

They host their studios in an old fire station in central Stockholm where they work surrounded by wood, black paint, computers and music instruments.

Tor Castensson, EP

Calle Stenqvist, CD