Klang is an audio engine built in house to simplify interactive audio production and cross-platform deployment. Over the years we have solidified best practise into code for making award winning experiences featuring music sequencers, generative music, music from data, spatial audio, text-to-music, voice manipulation, MIDI and more.

Pointer interaction

Your movement across an area of the page could be used to trigger sparks, music, swarms or anything you can dream up

Adaptive sound design

Control and individualize the sound design of a flower blossom.

Generative music beds

Music doesnt have to be a prerendered looped mp3. Let any input control the progression of a music piece.

Let us add the audio creative layer!

Let your dev team focus on what they do best and let us take care of what sounds. Great sounding interactive experiences is not just about the right music track or trig sound. The transitions, the looping, the synching, the loading of a multitude of layers and samples for different scenes or worlds is usually much more time consuming than creating the sounds. Not to mention different fallbacks for a multitude of supported browsers and devices.

Awards and clients

We have been handsomely awarded over the 15+ years we’ve been doing interactive sound. 140+ FWAs, Webbys, awwwards, and Emmys.