Turning breakfast cereal into music tools


Reeses Puff's


About the case

Reese’s puffs dropped a special edition line of cereal boxes that allow you to make your own beats. We helped with programming and creating sounds for an AR web app that, when coupled with a cereal box, would turn into either a synthesizer, a drum machine, or a bass synth.

The RP-PRO synthesizer is designed to look like a cereal box with buttons and controllers inspired by various Reese's sweets and cereals, and was exclusively available to a handful of artists.

Place your puffs

Patterns for the different synths are created by placing puffs on the custom cereal boxes. There are five different sound kits for each of the boxes. Classic 80s sounds mixed up with sfx and more modern vibes.

You simply change sound kit by placing a Puff on one of the sound kits’ circles.


The RP-PRO is an actual ultra-exclusive synthesizer with music samples, audio effects, functions and power with the face of a REESE’S PUFFS cereal box. The RP-PRO boasts custom REESE’S cup dials, custom-molded PUFFS buttons along the bottom, chocolate drum pads, a built-in sampler and a dome visualizer with a menu.

In case of breakfast emergencies, there is a secret compartment on the inside to stuff a small bag of PUFFS.

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