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The sound in action

About the case

Did you notice? LinkedIn sounds different. With 1 billion daily users, we can comfortably say we have pinged the masses. UX sounds help clarify key features, sprinkle delight to interactions and give us a nudge when we have our eyes on something else.

They're potent identity beacons, seamlessly connecting users to products, services, or brands. So, are UX sounds the new sound logos of today?

UX Design Collaboration

Our primary design goal was to achieve clarity and utility, combined with a human touch and a simple intentional tone. Collaborating closely with our client, we analysed the UX to determine which events would benefit from sound enhancement. The resulting portfolio consists of 13 unique UX sounds, each thoughtfully designed based on their role, function, and interplay with the other sounds within the family.


Message sent


Message received





Ping poetic

UX sounds fuse timbre (sound character) with semantics, creating an auditory dance of rhythm, pitch, and note combinations. Semantics brings logic and coherence to the sound medley and timbre gives it color and identity. We use our proprietary design tool Soundbricks to make the UX language come alive.

Click the boxes above to hear (and see!) examples of LinkedIn UX sounds.

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